ASPREE Study Update in Hobart

Dec 21, 2014

Chief Investigator to ASPREE in Tasmania, Professor Mark Nelson, hosted the ASPREE Hobart study update at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research today.

Prof Nelson is a practicing GP and Head of Discipline, General Practice at the University of Tasmania.

His presentation updated ASPREE participants and guests on the progress of the aspirin trial and their contribution to world-first medical research.

The Hobart ASPREE team were delighted to catch up with participants at the update. We also thank Jess Stewart, daughter of ASPREE’s Hobart team member Kirby Donaldson, for the pictures from today’s event.


Older adults site in the lecture theatre listening to a suited man standing behind a lectern thank them for participating in the ASPREE trial.
Above: ASPREE’s Chief Investigator in Hobart, Prof Mark Nelson takes questions from trial participants and guests at the recent update in Hobart.

Updated 22.03.2021


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